Dwarka Digest Volume 3!


Truth is no theory, no speculative system of philosophy, no intellectual insight.
Truth is exact correspondence with reality.
For man, truth is the unshakeable knowledge of his real nature, the Self.
-Paramhansa Yogananda

What’s your HQ (Hinduism Quotient)?

1. The name of Lord Krishna’s conch is __________.

2. ______ is Lord Shiva’s divine mount. (Hint: Think Amooo-zing)

3. Who was the Goddess who emerged during the Churning of the Ocean (Samudra Manthanam)?


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Something interesting about Hinduism:

The Amooo-zing Animals

Animals hold high esteem in Hinduism. Most of the Gods and Goddesses are associated with an animal. Durga mounts a lion, Saraswati is surrounded by swans, Ganesha’s best friend is a mouse, and Lakshmi has elephants beside her. But the one animal that’s the most amoo-zing of all…you guessed it….is the cow! You must have heard the phrase “Gai hamari mata hai” (The cow is our mother). That phrase makes complete sense when we think of all the things that the cow does for us. Firstly, it’s a low maintanance and friendly animal. Secondly, it’s because of the cow we enjoy treats like ice-cream, yogurt, starbucks, ghee, etc. Not only does the cow feed vegetarians, it also sacrifices itself for the McDonalds loving folk out there. Hard to believe but cow dung was used as a major source of fuel in the past and is still used today. Gow-mutra (Cow urine) also has a use but we’ll stop right there in-case you’re faint hearted (if you’re still interested, click here). The Lion may be king of the jungle but the Cow is definitely the MOTHER of all animals. In conclusion, animals are just as cool as us and deserve respect for what they give. Next May 10th be sure to wish all your mommies a happy mother’s day…not just the one who gave you life 😀

*We’d the to thank the cows for their contribution to this piece.
Dhanyavad and see you on Thursday!

Shakha-Cat (New Section)

Not familiar with lolcats? Familiarize yourself 🙂

– The Dwarka Digest Team

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Dwarka Digest Volume 2!


An object has a reflection: When looking we see two images, yet there is only one thing. Likewise, this world is a reflection of the Supreme Lord. We may see two, yet only One exists…
– Jnaneshwar

What’s your HQ (Hinduism Quotient)?

1. When ________ opened his mouth to prove his innocence his mom saw the Universe.
2. What is the name shared by both an elephant and the son of Drona?
3. ________ is the celebration of the birth of Shiva.


Something interesting about Hinduism:

Three’s Company!

Ever wonder why Lakshmi, Ganesh and Saraswati are usually found together in pictures and as idols? Well wonder no more! Lakshmi as you know is the Godess of wealth. She’s a very powerful devi who can’t be controlled by anyone. Lakshmi’s ‘chanchal’ (fleeting) nature is why it is recommended that people keep images of Lakshmi sitting down rather than standing up. A standing Lakshmi is always ready to leave while a sitting one has a longer stay. But when a person gets Lakshmi in the form of wealth they lose perception and wisdom which is why one should also have an image of Saraswati next to Lakshmi. Saraswati brings peace and wisdom which unfortunately is driven away by an excess of wealth. The reason we wish everyone peace and prosperity is because they rarely co-exist. In-fact Lakshmi and Saraswati have been described as sisters who don’t get along too well! The clash between Lakshmi and Saraswati is balanced by the presence of Ganesh. He is the only one who can bring them together and allow them to co-exist in harmony. Together these three bring peace prosperity and happiness into our lives, which is why we pray to them together (especially on Diwali).
And that folks is why three is company….or should I say good comapany?

*For more on Lakshmi and the story above visit: http://devdutt.com/decoding-lakshmi


– The Dwarka Digest Team

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Introducing…The Dwarka Digest!

All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in our own mind.

By: Swami Vivekananda

Suppose there are twin brothers; one which always tells the truth and one which always lies. What single yes/no question could you ask to either brother to figure out which one is which?

East vs. West — the myths that mystify

The Geeta is an Onion
Why you ask? Those who’ve read the Geeta more than once claim that each time they read it they understand it in a whole new way, almost as if they’re uncovering a new layer of it’s meaning! So yes, the Geeta is an onion…with countless layers and each one of us peels it with our own perceptions. Each one of us defines it uniquely which is why discussing it in a group helps us understand it in many dimensions and through varying angles. Sometimes we unmask the smallest facts that help construct the big picture. Let me share with you an interesting fact I learned recently from Chiman Patel’s analysis of the Geeta. Did you know that there are certain words in the Geeta that encompass divinity? The words Ya and Yam are Bhram Vachak Shabds. Meaning that these words represent the Bhraman (Supreme Being) in the word in which they are used. More specifically, Ya represents Vishnu/Narayan and Yam represents Krishna/Bhraman. The Yam that represents Krishna/Bhraman is Ya with a bindu and not Ya+M (meaning Yamraj). If you notice carefully most of the important words mentioned in the Geeta have Ya or Yam in them. For example, Surya (Sun), Divya (Divine), Yagna (Fire), Gyaan (Knowledge)! It seems so apt to have the name of the Lord hidden in these words. Next time you read the Geeta keep this in mind and try to notice the words with Ya and Yam. Are there any words with divinity that you can think of right of the bat? And why do you suppose divinity is included in these words as opposed to other words?

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Namaste, Duniya! (Hello, World)

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